SDI Encounters

EP064 - The Paradox of Showing Up, and Letting Go, as a Spiritual Companion - Brian Plachta

April 13, 2020

Brian Plachta is a spiritual director based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Brian joined me for this conversation about spiritual direction and companionship, and he offers very practical advice for on being present to the companion, while not getting in the way or over-directing the companion’s spiritual journey. We begin with talking about the notion of failing someone we’ve been companioning, which relates to an article Brian wrote for Presence Journal, which appeared in the December 2019 issue.

What is at the essence of being a spiritual companion? Perhaps it's simply to walk alongside someone on their spiritual journey as they discern the Divine in their lives. How do we handle it when someone we’ve been walking with goes away, and takes a path that for whatever reason, we can't follow?

You can learn more about Brian's work on his website,


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