SDI Encounters

EP031 - My Boss is a Zen Priest

August 26, 2019

With this episode we’re starting a new running series called “My Boss is a Zen Priest” – my boss is SDI’s Executive Director, Reverend Seifu Anil Singh-Molares. He’s my manager and he provides oversight on the things I’m working on, and he’s an ordained priest in the Zen Buddhist tradition. We have weekly one-on-one check in meetings, where I tell him about the things I’m working on, and he provides feedback and insight. And because we work at SDI and my boss is a zen priest, that feedback and insight often delves into deep dives around spirituality. I take my notes into his office, he’s often wearing his robes, and our discussion can go from a P&L spreadsheet to being given a koan to meditate on for awhile. Oftentimes I come out of these one-on-one meetings wishing I’d had a recorder because we often have really profound discussions, so I’m going to start doing that, and we’ll see where the conversation goes.


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