SDI Encounters

Ep044 - Finding Agency in Brokenness and Embracing Change - Bayo Akomolafe and Jiordi Rosales - Part 2

November 25, 2019

The next two podcasts revolve around a conversation between SDI staff and two curators of The Emergence Network -learn more about their work at Bayo Akomolafe will be familiar to some of you – he was a keynote speaker at our Annual Conference in March 2019, and recently facilitated an SDI Webinar. He was joined by co-curator Jiordi Rosales, our executive director Rev Seifu Anil Singh-Molares, and Director of Events and Programs Frederica Helmiere.

This conversation came out of a retreat space, and they’re driving in the car, so there’s automobile noise. I also debriefed their conversation with Frederica, which we hope will frame the conversation they are having around seeing, openness, and brokenness. It’s an invitation to explore  how we interact with one-another, some of the sacred assumptions we operate out of, and what it means to companion during these troubled times.

Last week’s episode was about grief – accepting that things die – not just people but systems, institutions, and ecologies. Grief is real and we learn to experience it well, but we also, in finding that death is a normal and natural part of everything, learn how to work with it, be in relationship with it, and to practice hope and resilience.

This episode contains Part 2 of our dialog. Please check out Part 1 of this episode here.


Support for this podcast comes from Spiritual Companionship For Our Times, SDI’s annual gathering of spiritual companions happening in Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 23 – 26 2020. Registrations are now open, with Super Early Bird pricing through September 15th. We’ll be celebrating SDI’s 30th Anniversary, and charting the road ahead as we seek to welcome more and more people to the transformational gifts of spiritual companionship, and to make this healing modality available to every person on the planet. 

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